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I did not read any reviews or testimonials prior to going to HD of Madison but since I was on their website to see the wife and I pushing the howling wolf button when taking delivery on our new bike I thought I would read some and they all are spot on I hooked up with Dan and Chris and have nothing but great things to say about them and the entire staff however I would warn any out of state lookers to make sure you take many bundles of 100 dollar bills along just in case you decide to buy because thats the only way you will leave with a bike no debit cards no checks so I would have had to drive 60 miles home then 60 back to dealership then another 60 miles home so I had to take a loan out in order to ride the bike home today but I guess thats on me for not calling and asking what types of payments they accepted so I will accept the blame for that other than that little hiccup it was a great experience (Employee: Chris Kucharas, Dan Stark)
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Mike Rinaldo
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