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From start to finish this was an amazing experience. Jada responded to my initial inquiry within 5 minutes. She then passed me to Howie and he was emailing me 5 minutes later. Several conversations and a Friday visit turned into a great test ride. After we worked out a fair deal that benefited both sides my wife and I rode home on a sweet Harley. Both of us commented how kind, funny and professional Howie was the entire time. Especially since he was juggling 3 different customers at the same time. The finance experience with Sheri was equally kind and efficient and made the spending of money a lot easier! The tour of the dealership just topped off the day and turned our entire experience into a very pleasant day. Everyone I know that has been to this dealership has reported similar experiences here. Highly recommend this place. Thank you (Employee: Ryan "Howie" Howard)
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Tom Vande Leest
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